Student Paper Competition

What is it?

WNAR holds a student paper competition each year in conjunction with its annual conference. We award prizes for best papers in written and oral categories. Winners of the Most Outstanding Paper Award (one each in written and oral categories) receive $500. We also award a variable number of Distinguished Student Paper Awards; winners receive $400.  All entrants from the WNAR region, including winners, receive $200 to support travel, free conference registration and a free banquet dinner ticket.  Entrants from outside the WNAR region can enter the competition and will receive a free banquet ticket but will not receive travel support or free conference registration. 

Who is eligible?

Current students or recent graduates (graduation date not earlier than May 1 of the conference year) of programs in biostatistics, statistics or other applied mathematical fields having a biometric focus.

All submitted papers must have been initiated while a student, where the bulk of the effort leading to the paper was put forth.

To enter the student paper competition, a student must:

  • Be a current WNAR member AND
  • Register for the conference AND
  • Submit an abstract AND
  • Submit a manuscript AND
  • Give an oral presentation at the conference, during a student paper session.
  • Students from outside the WNAR region must be a member of of their IBS region and join WNAR as a supporting member (WNAR membership is free for students).

Students having previously won a WNAR student paper competition award are excluded from subsequent competitions. Students who wish to present a paper but do not wish to enter the competition may submit a contributed paper to the conference.

What are the guidelines for manuscripts?

Manuscripts should be double-spaced, in manuscript format, using Biometrics guidelines for authors. They are limited to 10 pages including tables and figures, but exclusive of references. One-inch margins and at least 10-point font must be used. Reported research should be relevant to biometrics applications.   An appendix is allowed; however, it may contain only non-essential information (e.g., proofs) and your paper must be complete without the appendix.  The reported work must be that of the student, although collaborators may be co-authors, provided that the student is the first author.

What are the deadlines for entering?

See annual conference website for deadlines. Deadlines for abstract and manuscript submission are typically in April or May, with the conference typically in June of the same year.

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